'Birds' Page

Falcons - Now That It's Over

Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You

Orioles - In the Chapel in the Moonlight

Penguins - Earth Angel

Crows - Hearbreaker

Cardinals - Shouldn't I Know

Pelicans - I'm Not Alone

Starlings - My Plea for Love

Swallows - Will You Be Mine

Jayhawks - Start the Fire

Nite Owls - Broken Heart

Flamingos - Love Walked In

Parakeets - My Broken Heart

Orioles - Till Then

Meadowlarks - Heaven and Paradise

Swans - I Love You So

Larks - My Reverie

Wrens - Begging for Love

Robins - How Would You Know

Cardinals - Come Back My Love

Blue Jays - Lover's Island

Thrashers - Forever My Love

Ravens - Count Every Star

Cardinals - Wheel Of Fortune

Bel-Larks - Gettin' Married in June